In principle, there is no limit to what you can borrow money for. The first thing many people think is house and car, but there are many other things, and it can be both pleasures and necessities. Sometimes it might be something you hadn’t just imagined.

Previously, loans generally had longer maturities and larger amounts. If you needed extra money for a month, you often turned to family and friends for help.
Fortunately, the world has changed so that it is no longer necessary, and today you can borrow money for almost any purpose.

At Orlando, we help make ends meet if you need extra money for a month.



There are many options for a short-term loan. If you have things that need to be repaired or if you see a good offer, you do not have to wait until the next payday. In addition, there are actually many other things that one does not even think about.

An unforeseen journey

An unforeseen journey

You can get into a situation where you suddenly have to take the plane or train to another part of the country or maybe abroad.

Unfortunately, a family member or friend can get sick, but fortunately, it can also be more happy circumstances, such as The schoolgirl from school has come down a few weeks before the semester.

Job change

Job change

It went as it should, one got the dream job and quit the old one. The dates just don’t quite match, so it takes a month from one stop to the new one.

A month’s freedom is just what you need, and while the new job is better paid than the old one, a month’s income decline is a bit tough for the economy.

Water bill

water bill

An accident rarely comes alone. By mistake, the water bill was not paid, and for some reason no reminders were received.

Now you are suddenly threatened with additional costs and debt collection if you do not pay within 10 days. Yet it is that they may also want to close the water. When wages go in at the end of the month, there is enough money to pay, but if you pay the whole bill now, there is no money for food for the rest of the month.

These are just some of the things that our loan can be used for.
If you need a short-term loan, you can find a loan application here.

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