The synonym Swiss Credit is no coincidence, as most reputable offers of non-credit loans are made by banks and brokers in this country. Why do banks need credit bureau information? Variant: A loan from private individuals How to identify reputable providers? From these points one recognizes a reputable supplier credit without credit bureau from abroad, if a negative credit bureau entry takes place? A credit bureau entry always takes place if:

Loan without credit bureau? How to recognize really serious offers

Loan without credit bureau? How to recognize really serious offers

The credit bureau information makes the granting of loans to most banks unthinkable. On the other hand, some providers advertise explicitly without credit – what is that? Our company is known for its serious work and gets in neutral comparison tests repeatedly excellent ratings. Therefore, we can say from our many years of practice: loans without credit bureau are just as serious as normal loans at credit bureau.

What makes a bond different without credit bureau? There are two differences that differentiate a borrower’s note loan without credit bureau from a normal promissory note loan: In the case of an unconditional financings, the house bank does not request any information from the credit bureau in the course of the credit check. In the case of a loan, credit bureau will not be informed about this order.

Basically, a credit without creation for the credit information is not visible. The fact that non-fiction promotion does not appear on credit bureau’s “radar screen” is a high degree of discourse for you as a borrower. From the credit bureau your bank, your landlord, your telephone company, your employer and many others can learn a lot about you.

Nobody receives information about a credit without creation, since the Loan does not appear in the credit rating. In addition to short-term financing, you can also conclude financing without credit bureau. In principle, such a one without credit bureau is associated with an increased credit risk for the financing banks. The non-creative nature of the loan does not take into account any previous information.

As a result, credit risk is generally considered to be greater, with the result that the conditions for a promissory note without credit bureau are almost always deteriorating. This means in plain language: For a non-creative loan amount increased interest costs are charged as for a normal loan amount. For financings without creation, you must always consider whether the advantages or disadvantages are greater than the disadvantageous ones.

If you have decided on a loan amount without credit bureau, you should definitely go to a respectable provider.

Have no credit bureau

Have no credit bureau

The following information will be collected during your visit and, if necessary, stored: Personal information such as: For example, names, addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and telefax numbers – only if you provide this information, eg. In a form. We store this information for inquiry / order processing. A transfer of this information to third parties only takes place if this was previously permitted by your consent and this is necessary for the processing.

Of course, you may request the removal of your personal information if you revoke your consent to data storage. For example, the name of the accessed page / file, time, transferred data volume, Internet provider, browser version, resolution, etc. are logged. Of course, your personal information will be stored by us using all technical and organizational possibilities so that they are not visible to third parties.

Upon request, we will gladly provide you with information about the personal information stored about you. It is our endeavor always to ensure the correctness, completeness and timeliness of the given information. In the case of illegal, erroneous or incomplete contents, and especially errors resulting from the use or non-use of such content, the operators of the linked pages shall not be liable solely to the persons who have the corresponding references to the refer to respective publications.

To facilitate the use of our website we use so-called “cookies”. Of course, you can also delete all cookies set by you again from your computer hard drive. You may also set up your web browser to notify you of the sending of “cookies” or to disable the use of so-called “cookies”. I / we agree that the credit institute commissioned by us will make available to the broker and his employees my / our personal credit bureau data for further consultation.tive of this, the principal bank of the credit bureau also transmits information due to non-contractual action (eg the amount of the demand for termination).

In this respect, I release the house bank from bank client confidentiality. credit bureau keeps the information and forwards it to its business partners in the EU internal market in order to provide them with information on the credit assessment of natural persons. The main contract partners of credit bureau are banks as well as credit card and leasing companies. In addition, credit bureau also informs commercial, telecommunications and other companies that provide services and services on account.

credit bureau makes personal information accessible only if there is a justified conflict of interest in the specific case. credit bureau announces address information for the determination of debtors. When providing information, credit bureau can also provide its business partners with a probability of occurrence calculated from their database for assessing the creditworthiness risk (score method). I receive information about my deposited at the credit bureau information.

Forwarding to third parties is only permitted as part of the review of my credit inquiry to the relevant institutions or credit bureaus (credit bureau, credit reform, etc.).

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