I had accrued a few installments, as well as credit card payments, when I had previously handled my money a bit negligently.

I talked to a friend about this when I said my credit card should be completely removed. It was too easy to use when even a small temptation hit. Whenever there was a slight repayment, the credit line was soon used up again.

Loan consolidation


I had never applied for a loan online before, so I didn’t really know how to proceed. My friend had read about loan consolidation and advised me to read more because it sounded like the best solution to my problem.

The credit card accrued monthly payments and in addition I had made 3 slightly more expensive purchases with a down payment. I was tired of shortening all of these and somehow wanted to clarify my own financial management.

I went looking for information on combining loans. I ended up eventually www.lainojenyhdistäminen.com the site, which was a combination of loans, specialized service.

Sum of all the loans


I immediately got good information through their site, which will probably solve my own problem.

According to their instructions, I added up the sum of all the loans I wanted to combine. I calculated this with the credit card’s remaining debt, plus 3 previous installments, all of which were still quite large.

I then applied for a loan through their website. It didn’t take long for me to start getting loan offers. I was comparing the offers in complete peace, because nothing was in a hurry with me.

There were differences between the bids in terms of interest rates, monthly installments and other terms, so it was wise not to accept the first bid right away.

In the end, I found a bargain for myself. I’d get a credit card paid off with a new consolidation loan and the installments completely off. Monthly installments would also be lower than the monthly installments of previous payments combined.

Repaid the credit card debt


After accepting the loan offer, I received the money in my account the next day. I immediately repaid the credit card debt, then terminated it and dumped the card. I also immediately cleared the installments in full.

Now I only have one loan to manage, which is much easier to manage than many payments at once.

After that, I definitely think twice before going to buy anything by installment or credit card.

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